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CLARITY by Climate Care – One Payment. Zero Worries.


Enjoy Total Peace of Mind. Welcome to CLARITY by ClimateCare

As a responsible homeowner, there are two things you want to avoid when it comes to your home comfort products:

  • Pay a penny more than you have to.
  • Unexpected, costly, and inconvenient repairs.

With CLARITY by ClimateCare, you’ll enjoy lower monthly payments for your furnaceair conditioner, water heater, and softeners.

At the same time, you’ll get total peace of mind knowing your home heating and home cooling systems are protected with regularly scheduled expert maintenance.

More money in your pocket? Proactive service on your home comfort equipment?

That’s CLARITY by ClimateCare.

Take advantage of CLARITY by ClimateCare with low monthly payments

In summer, you need to be cool. In winter, you need to be warm.

And all year long, you can take advantage of CLARITY by ClimateCare to keep you safe and comfortable.

Air Conditioners

(Starting at $68.95*/month)


(Starting at $68.95*/month)

Water Heaters

(Starting at $23.95*/month)

Water Softeners

(Starting at $20.95*/month)

*Speak to your local ClimateCare retailer for full details.

Apply for your CLARITY by ClimateCare subscription directly through:

Payment Plans Available

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Why choose CLARITY by ClimateCare?

In addition to the low monthly cost, CLARITY by ClimateCare delivers total peace of mind in other ways.

More Efficient Products

  • ClimateCare furnaces and air conditioners take less energy to operate. That helps both the environment and your household budget.

Safety of Ownership

  • Ownership includes ongoing maintenance. All parts and components are inspected and, if necessary, repaired and/or replaced at no additional cost.

Peace of mind is a call or click away

The value of living with complete peace of mind – for anything in life – cannot be measured.

Contact us now to take advantage of this great opportunity.