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Coronavirus/Covid 19 Safety Policy

Latest update regarding our Company and the Coronavirus/Covid 19

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As of today – we are still open for business.  Here is what we currently have in place:

Our Mandatory Safety policy went into effect March 12, 2020 (see below for your free copy)

At this time:

  • All our service trucks are stocked with Lysol wipes, hand disinfectant, gloves, shoe covers, masks and full-face shields and all our technicians are being given extra time each day to clean and sterilize their tools after every service call.
  • All our service technicians clean and wipe down areas where they touch things in customers’ homes to maintain a safer environment for them and our customers.
  • We hired a full-time cleaner for our office who’s job is to disinfect everything that gets touched throughout the day (this may seem a bit extreme but we take safety seriously).
  • Our office staff has been asking for the last week when people call:
    1. Has anyone in your home travelled in the last 14 days or been in touch with anyone who has travelled (we aren’t asking about where they have travelled too – it’s irrelevant, if they went on a plane they got exposed so that is what we are focused on).
    2. Does anyone in your home have cold-like symptoms
    3. Are there any elderly people in your home (over 75)
  • If a customer says “yes” to any of these questions we offer to book the work in 14 days and have a follow-up questionnaire which will be mandatory the day before the work is scheduled – if their answers are again yes the appointment will be pushed forward again another 14 days. We will repeat this process as frequently as needed until it is no longer a threat.
  • Customers are being called before site visits to assure the homeowner and people in the home are still healthy and no circumstances have changed.
  • When our technician arrives they knock and take a step back (maintaining the minimum safe distancing requirement) – if the person answers the door sniffling, coughing, has red puffy nose or eyes, or they can hear anyone in the background coughing – our techs will leave portable heaters in the event of a no heat call and will let them know we will reschedule when everyone is better. They do NOT walk into homes where they perceive a threat of exposure.
  • At this point, we will continue to monitor the situation and revise our policies as necessary. If at some point it becomes necessary to temporarily close our business – we will let everyone know. Phones and emails will continue to be answered during business hours and emergency phone call messages will be answered after hours.

Information taken from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) as posted on the Government of Canada website

If you or a member of your family become ill with COVID-19, there are precautions that should be taken in the home. Your health care provider will advise you if hospital care is more appropriate.

For more information, refer to our COVID-19 guidance on risk-informed decision making for mass gatherings.

For more information on guidance for schools and day cares, refer to Public Health Guidance for Schools (K-12) and Childcare Programs (COVID-19). childcare-programs.html